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Special Nutritional

Special nutritional needs and nutritional impact on illness - NG Tube

Nutritional support: when is it needed? under nutrition that may impair: immunity, wound healing, muscle strength, psychological drive, supplements or dietary creativity do not meed the needs
Nutrition and GI disorders: DYSPHAGIA Modifications of food texture
Nutrition and GI disorders GERD avoid large late meals, alcohol, caffeine and smoking
Nutrition and GI disorders: N/V Low fat carbs
Nutrition and GI disorders: htn DASH diet
Nutrition and GI disorders: CHF reduce sodium mx fluid intake
Nutrition and GI disorders:MI liquid dietx24 hr, avoid caffeine, small frequent meals
what is the NG tube used for? decompression feeding lavage compression
NG types GI decompression/drainage (large-bore)-> salem sump(2 lumens), Levin(single lumen). enteral feedings (small bore) dobhoff tube, duo, levin, Nasointestinal tube (andersen tube)
How to determine the length of the tune to be inserted measure the ng tube from the tip of the pts ear lobe to the tip of the nose, then tot he xiphoid process, mark the tubing: adhesive tape, indelible ink or striped markings on the tube.
tube placement verifcations recommendations initially xray. and pH and aspirations. pH should be acidic so 4.
NGt insertion inspect coiled tube, assess pt->nares, lungs, bowels, pain, throat ( no irritation)., inspect Gi secretions -> gastric grassy green of white tan, the intestine would be golden yellow or brownish green
If pH would secretions was 7, what would this mean? it would mean that the tubing could possibly be in the respiratory
NGT removal NGT removal - inject 10 ml of air to clear the tube of fluid and ensure that is it free of debris, remove the tape fromt he pts nose and release the tube from its anchoring device. Ask the patient to take a deep breath and hold breath while pinching
greatest thing to do before feeding check residual prior to feeding, >100 ml or 1/2 previous feeding call MD
30-50 ml of water/ns flush---When? before/after medicatiosn & feedings, after cehcking residual
what is negative nitrogen balance? less than body requirements = muscle wasting, weight loss, fatigue, eventually, dealth
PN Solutions? dextrose, amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and fat emulsions - goal provide enough calories/nitrogen to meet patients dialy nutritional needs
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