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IV Medications

IV medications DRIP and PUSH - lab pwrpt

Flow rate total infusion vol in ml / hrs of infusion
calc the drop rate based on drops per minute (gtt/60)*Flow rate = drop rate
types of orders stat = immediately "give apresoline 10 mg IV STAT" PRN = as necessary " morphine sulfate 2 mg IV q2h prn for incision pain." Standing order or routine medication orders = "protonix 40 mg IV daily * 5 days."
Methods of IV medications infusions IV medication infusions - mixed in large vol of fluid [500-1000] & continuous
Intermittent IV administration intermittently in small amoutn of soln [25-250 ml] Can be piggyback
Bolus IV administration typically small amts, injected over shot time [1-2 minutes]
what to mx & document for regulating flow rates iv infusion for proper rate of infusion, therapeutic response to medication, ct and ct lab values for s/s of over hydration/dehydration, ct during ADL's for proper position of extremity and care of infusion tubing.
safe IV medication administration know your meds, 'KCL can cause serious rxn - should be on IV pump & NEVER give push!", never admin. IV meds through tubing with blood, blood products and parenteral nutrition solutions. Verify compatibility of medications before infusion!!
Large volume infusions safest and easiet, mx for too rapid of infusion, medication is diluted in compatible IV fluids
IV bolus Concentrated medication admin, can be irritating to vessels, mx site, and determine rate of administration
How often do I need to change the tubing? INS standard is: primary and secondary CONTINUOUS = Q.72 hrs, Intermittent = Q24 Always change if suspected contamintion
Created by: starr8904