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U.S./Canada Test

Friday, September 23rd

What is Canada's largest export? Timber
The absolute largest unified border is... Canada and United States
Lacrosse is Canada's ________ sport. oldest
By the year _______, Canada's population will be based solely on immigration. 2025
This particular democracy plays a large role in the U.S. Government Jeffersonian Democracy
Who was credited for creating the first oil well? James Miller Williams
What city is known for TV production in America? Hollywood, or Los Angeles
What kind of food did the African Americans bring to the U.S. with them? "Soul Food"
The __________ imports more oil than any other country in the world. United States
What are the two official languages of Canada? English and French
Ottawa, Canada holds an annual festival for what kind of music? Jazz
What are the top four races in the United States? European-American, Asian-American, Caucasian, and African-American
What professional sports leagues do we share with Canada? NHL (hockey), NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball)
Where is the highest mountain peak? Mount McKinley
What is Vancouver known as? Hollywood of the North
The U.S. cultural influences began with the _______ & _______. British;Irish
Where are the U.S. cultural influences coming from now? Asia and Latin America
What is the largest religion practiced in the U.S.? Roman Catholic
Where is the Fall Line located? Between Piedmont and the East Coast
What's the 2nd largest minority group in the U.S. today? African-American
Created by: Dancer24016