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mod 10 test 1

mod 10 test 1 ch 9 ch 15 ch 30

analgesic a drug that relieves pain by reducing perception of pain
antiinflammatory a drug that reduces swelling, redness, and pain that promotes healing
antiseptic a substance that slows or stops growth of microorganisms on surfaces such as skin
antitussive a drug that can decrease the coughing reflex of the central nervous system
expectorant chemical that causes the removal of mucous secretions from the respiratory system;loosens and things sputtum and bronchial secretions for ease of expectoration
prophylaxis tx given before an event to prevent the event from happened
tylenol's generic name acetaminophen
tylenol (class) antipyretic/analgesic
motrin, advil(generic) ibuprofen
motrin, advil (class) NSAID
benadryl (generic) diphenhydramine
benadryl (class) histamine blocker, sedative, antihistamine
pepcid AC (generic) famotidine
pepcid AC (class) H2 antagonist
metamucial (generic) psyllium
metamucil (class) fiber
imodium a-d (generic) loperamide
imodium A-D (class) antidiarrheal
dulcolax (generic) bisacodyl
dulcolax (class) laxative
what OTC items are limited to buy because they can be misused for illegal street drugs? pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine
purity represents the lack of contamination from enviromenttal factors of the chemical (drug) contained in the product
Potency refers to the strength of the drug, measured in grams, milligrams, or micrograms.
bioavailability precentage of a drug that is absorbed and transported to the site of action
efficacy ability of the drug to produce the desired chemical change in the body, tested by placebo effect
safety and toxicity number of adverse or undesirable effects from clinical trials
before a drug is considered safe... the potential for adverse effects must be compared with the benefits
what is a monograph? information about a drug that includes descriptive info about clinical trails, all side effects , appropriate dosing, reported interactions
who is in charge of recalls? FDA
What is reye's syndrome? a rare condition that can affect children and teenagers who have an active case of chickenpox or influenza
What do analgesic and antipyretic agents do? help reduce or relieve pain (analgesic) and fever(antipyretic)
What can be used for an overdose of aspirin? activated charcoal, decreases the absorption of the drug
Why should teenagers and children avoid taking aspirin for chickenpox or flu symptoms? aapirin has been associated with reye's syndrome
What do decongestants and antihistamines do? they dry out mucous membranes and open airways
what is an antihistamine? agent used with allergic symptoms, blocks histamine (h1) that causes allergic reactions. common side effect is drowsiness
what are decongestants used for? stuffiness and congestion of the nasal passages,allows release of mucus
what is the most common sleep aid in hospitals? diphenhydramine
what are antitussive agents used for? dry, nonphlegm-producing coughs
what is helicobater pylori? what does it cause? a bacterium that causes the symptoms of heartburn. chronic pain in the stomach resulting in an ulcer
What do histamine2 (H2) antagonists do? decrease acid secretion (heartburn)
What drugs are used for inflammation/pain? ibuprofen (motrin,advil) naproxen (aleve) ketoprofen (orudis KT)
what is psyllium used for? constipation and diarrhea
psyllium (generic) metamucial
simethicone (brand) Gas-X
skin type 1 : burnes easily/ rarely tans, suggested minimum coverage is 20 to 30 SPF
skin type 3: burns moderately/ tans gradually, 8 to 12 SPF
skin type 6: never burns/ deeply pigmented, no spf coverage needed
benoxoyl peroxide is used for: drying out of pimples or sores, available OTC
what prescription antibiotics are prescribed for acne? tetracycline, erythromycin, and clindamycin
contagious,skin irritation, disappears on their own within 6 months warts
whast are gential warts caughed by? human papillomavirus
virus that causes sores and welts around the mouth or vaginal area herpes simplex
what is the treatment for herpes simplex? antiviral
Genetic skin condition that cannot be cured and may last a lifetime psoriasis
how are skins burns ranged? first degree, being the least severe, third degree being the most severe
what is anxiety? feelings of apprehension, dread, and fear with characteristics including tension, restlessness, tachycardia, dyspnea and a sense of hopelessness
what is bipolar disorder? depressive psychosis, alternating betweent excessive phases of mania and depression
what is insomnia? difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
what is mania? form of psychosis characterized by excessive excitement, elevated mood, and exalted feelings
what is schizophrenia? a group of mental disorders characterized by inappropriate emotions and unrealistic thinking
abilify (generic name) aripiprazole
prolixin (g) fluphenazine
risperdal (g) risperidone
seroquel (g) quetiapine
zyprexa (g) olanzapine
cymbalta (g) duloxetine
effexor (g) venlafaxine
paxil (g) paroxetine
prozac (g) fluoxetine
zoloft (g) sertraline
ativan (g) lorazepam
librium chlordiazepoxide
serax (g) oxazepam
valium (g) diazepam
xanax (alprazolam)
who can write prescriptions for human emotions? psychiatrists
thiothixene (B) Nacane
amitriptyline (B) Elavil
Tricyclic Antidepressants amitriptyline, doxepin, imipramine
imipramine (b) Tofranil
MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase inhibitors) tranylcypromine (Parnate), phenelzine (Nardil)
SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) citalopram (Celexa) , paroxetine (Paxil)
bupropion (Wellbutrin) (I) tx of depression and smoking cessastion
what do sedative and hypnotic agents affect? CNS (central nervous system)
affect CNS to a higher degree than sedatives, cause sleepiness Hypnotics
what is the main ingredient in OTC sedative and hypnotic agents? diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
how are barbiturate differentiated? the time it takes for them to work, short- to long-acting
diazepam (B) Valium
lorazepam (b) Ativan
oxazepam (b) Serax
busipirone (b) BuSpar
amino acids macromolecules that make up proteins
atom the smallest unit of an element
electron the smallest subset of an atom that contains a negative charge
ion an atom or a group of atoms with a leftover unbalanced charge
neutron a subset of an atom that does not contain a charge
proton a subatomic particle of an atom that holds a positive charge
what are atoms made up of? proton , electron and neutrons
what are enzymes? proteins that regulate speed of reactions, can speed up or inhibit reactions
hyperalimentation nutritional supplements by intraveneous methods
what is contained in a hyperalimentation? electrolyte, vitamin, and mineral replacement
Mg magnesium
Mn Manganese
P phosphorus
what is the normal pH of blood? 7.4
what happens in cardiac arrests and what is used to treat it? happens when body is unable to keep blood pH at 7.4 and becomes acidic. sodium bicarbonate is tx