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MB11 91-99

) Describe personal hygiene as it relates to health and well-being promoted comfort, a positive self image, prevents disease and infection, increases activity and blood circulation, promoted indepence
factors of personal hygiene preferences -Shower vs. bath -Time of day - Products
factors of hygiene preferences in culture and religion Weekly vs. daily bathing - Gender Issues
• factors of hygiene in SES (socioeconomic status): lack of faciltiy and supplies, running water?, food and shelter come first.
factors influencing personal hygiene practices preferences, culture/religion,SES,devlopment,knowledge
Nurse delegation of hygiene practices: RN's responsilbilty, instruction to others, assessment of appropriateness, evaluation of care provided
why is it best for the RN to perform hygiene on the patient? excellent time to do assessments, devlops communication skills with your patient, builds trust and provides one on one time with patient
Discuss the nurse’s role in determining a client’s self-care ability Pain: Limited mobility: Sensory: Cognitive impairment: Emotionally disturbed:
Identify nursing diagnoses related to self-care ability and hygiene: • Self Care Deficit (specify) Ineffective coaching • Risk for infection • Risk for impaired skin integrity • Deficient knowledge -disturbed body image impaired skin integrity
State the importance and purpose of bathing: • Bathing is important physically and psychologically. Proper hygiene prevents infections and diseases and promotes a positive body image.
• describe a Complete bath total assistance with bathing in bed due to physical limitations, such as fatigue or limited range of motion.
•describe a Partial bath the patient is well enough to perform most of the bath, and the nurse needs to assist with the areas that the patient can not reach easily. May also refer to bathing only those body parts that need absolutely need to be cleaned.
•describe Shower tub needs may need chair, stretcher or grab bars
• describe Therapeutic bath whirlpool tubs for wounds, solutions for skin conditions
Created by: Marshall3