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Test 2

what is heroic about Odysseus
iliad came 20 yrs before Odyssey k
Lion Gate -entrance to Mycenae, Greece, c. 1300 BCE -
WArrior Vase Mycenae, Greece, c. 1200 BCE -it's weak -miss-portioned and look like cartoons -vase imbalanced
Gunerary Crater Vase Ancient Greece
Horse, Geometric prd, c. 8th c. BCE, greece -look at life abstractly
gods Zeus-king of all gods, stongest, thunder bolts Neptune-Zeus brother Hera-wife of Zeus and in some the sister, jealous b/c he mates with everything he can -D
12 gods zeus, athena,n
vases k
horse k
male overthrows the king and kills him
misagyny hatred+uterus -intense hatred of the female -starts as result of earth-goddess cultures being overthrown -if anything goes wrong, look for the woman b/c she is behind it somewhere
p 74 this is misagyny -let the... -certain women that learned everything the men did and some who only cleaned houses and weren't respected for it
Classical greece defeat of persians to death of alexander the Great 480-323 bce
golden age date
acropolis "high" "city" -
Parthenon 448-432 bce, Iktinos and Kalikrates, architects -
reading from Heroditis who he was what he did what does he tell us about xerxes sending a spy. what was the report -what made him not understand the difference in their people -father of history because he is great storyteller -they were combing their hair and wiping bodies down with oil -preparing to die by taking care of body
what else could the spy not understand? How were own soldiers different? -they had whips. persian army not well trainined
cultures persians-iron hand-godhead in effect, no individual rights, domination system Greece-knew were going to die, but got ready for their death, great sense of pride for their courage and advances
Draco set up code of laws -
Hoziratis took land of ppl with much land and redistributed it to ppl who didnt have any land
jogged from battle at marathon to Athens 26.2 mi which became origin of marathon race
remarkable things about Spartans in Her story warriors from birth, well trained
what accidities does he give us that makes greece different from other places in Greece? what's important ways of life? -love of beauty -physical power -competitive games -sense of beauty like "what brings me my greatest joy" -those who rise do so b/c of their own merit
what is the point of having $ in Athens? $ better be used to make community better
*talk about mans way of life Thucidities -don't hate pleasures of different ppl -respect law -relax and have fun -import and produce -trust in self to act -pursue manliness early -may have to fight for life -love beauty and wisdom
*man's way of life -man who won't contribute to society is useless, leech or parasite, taking privilages but not contributing in any way -listening to reasons for doing something and then doing it, logic, tell me the benefits and what i'm standing for
most great things come from suffering make us access who we are
3 greek orders of architecture -doric, ionic, Corinthian
*column, fluting, capital, doric, ionic, campus leaves of corinthians, entablature, frieze, trigliphs, metopes,cornis, pediment k
temple of athena Nike, Acropolis k
Erechtheion, Acropolis detail of caryatide (korai)
architectural features -most characteristic feature in architecture and decoration of temple is ionic frieze
Created by: Jamie D