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connective tissue

Areolar (AKA: loose, ordinary tissue) forms what? loose bonds between other tissues
What does the matrix of areolar contain? numerous fibers, typically many interwoven fibers of collagen and elastin
What is collagen? a protein that forms bundles of tough, flexible fibers
what is elastin? a protein that forms single, stretchy fibers
What are the two cells dispersed through out the Areolar tissue called? fibroblasts and macrophages
Adipose (fat) tissue forms what? supporting, protective pads around the kidney and various other strictures
What are the two functions of adipose tissue? 1. to serve as a storage depot for excess food 2. to act as insulation for the body
How do adipose cells store lipids? in a way that pushes the nucleus and other organelles up into the cell membrane
Lymph node (reticular fibers) form what? the framework of the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow
What are the functions of he reticular tissue? it functions as part of the body's complex defense against microorganisms and injurious substances
The reticular meshwork acts as a what? to do what? a filter to remove pathogens from the blood and lymph with reticular cells (phagocytes) destroying the infectious material
What is the tendon (dense fibrous [regular] tissue)? dense, fibrous tissue that consists mainly of fibers packed densely in a protein matrix
Depending on the arrangement of fibers in the tendon tissue the dense fibrous tissue will either be as designated as what or what? regular or irregular
In tendon tissue why is the dense fibrous tissue regular? because the fibers are arranged in regular, parallel rows
A structure composed of dense fibrous (regular tissue in the tendon is predominately what? bundles of collagenous fibers and is flexible but possesses great tensile strength
Tendons connect what to what? bone to muscle
What are fibroblasts found in tendons? responsible for synthesizing and maintaining the matrix
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