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Read 990 Vocab 4

Vocabulary from chapter 4, book 3

placebo inactive substance used as a control in experiments
inflation persistent increase in consumer prices
connoisseurs people with expert knowledge
adulterated impure by the addition of inferior or improper ingredients
quintuple five times
deft quick & skillful
crimped pressed or pinched
beatnik an unconventional person interested in self-expression
croquet an outdoor game with wooden balls & mallets
gentry people of the upper class or ruling class
consensus general agreement
autocratically with unlimited power and authority
incandescent emitting visible light
prolific producing abundant results
kiosk small structure like a booth
scourges means of inflicting widespread suffering or devastation
tumblers flat bottom drinking glasses
perjured dishonest
niche small space or alcove
convexity curvedness or roundness
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