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Aesop Vocab (26-30)

Fables 26-30

Absentia, absentiae (f.) absence
benevolentia, benevolentiae (f.) goodwill
custos, custodis (m.) guardian
fetus, fetus (m.) offspring
obsequium, obsequii (n.) service
praesentia, praesentiae (f.) presence
puerpera, puerperae (f.) female in labor
sus, suis (f.) sow
pius, pia, pium dutiful
abeo, abire, abii, abitum to go away
consto, constare, constiti, constaturus to consist of, stand upon
egeo, egere, egui, egiturus to need, require
parturio, parturire, parturivi to give birth, be in labor
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum to promise
ara, arae (f.) altar
lectus, lecti (m.) bed
ops, opis (f.) help
rapina, rapinae (f.) robbery
salus, salutis (f.) health
aegrotus, aegrota, aegrotum ailing, sick
decumbo, decumbere to lie down
licet, licere it is permitted
precor, precari, precatus sum to entreat, pray
promitto, promittere to promise
spero, sperare to hope
violo, violare, violavi to dishonor
ferme nearly, almost
toties as often, such a number of times
auctoritas, auctoritatis (f.) authority, prestige
decus, decoris (n.) honor
deducus, dedecoris dishonor
nola, nolae (f.) bell
popularis, popularis (m/f) fellow, compatriot
tributum, tributi (n.) tribute
mordax, mordacis biting
caveo, cavere to beware
despicio, despicere to despise
erro, errare to be wrong
illigo, illigare, illigavi, illigatus to tie on
moneo, monere to warn
to mordeo, mordere to bite
reor, reri, ratus sum to think, suppose
scilicet of course, you know
conatus, conatus (m.) effort
humus, humi (f.) ground, soil
racemus, racemi (m.) cluster
saltus, saltus (m.) leap
uva, uvae (f.) grape
vulpecula, vulpeculae (f.) fox
acerbus, acerba, acerbum harsh, bitter
cassus, cassa, cassum hollow
immaturus, immatura, immaturum unripe
indignabundus, indignabunda, indignabundum indignant
sordidus, sordida, sordidum nasty, filthy
attingo, attingere to touch, reach
attollo, attollere to raise up, lift on high
conor, conari, conatus sum to try, attempt
defatigo, defatigare, defatigavi, defatigatus to tire out, exhaust
dependeo, dependere to hang, hang down
iaceo, iacere to lie, lie down
itero, iterare, iteravi, iteratus to repeat
offero, offere to offer
recedo, recedere, recessi, recessus to go away, depart
apage begone, away with
frustra in vain, unsuccessfully
gratis freely, at no cost
omnino altogether, completely
sane truly, surely
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