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vocab 1

med words

Acute sharp or servere- having rapid on set
Amniocentesis trained abdominal puncture using a needle or a suringe to remove amnoitic fluid to test for abnormalities of baby
Amniotic transparent sac that hold the fetus
Anaerobic able to live without oxygen
Angiography radio graphic visualization of the blood vesels after injection of radio paque substance (radio active dye)
Anethesiologist Physician specializing in anethisia
Arthroscopy Direct joint visualization by means of a scope
Audiometry Testing of the hearing
Benign Not recurrent or progressive- non-malignant
Bicuspid Havng two cusps or projections (valves)
Biopsy Incision of a small peice of living tissue for microscopic examination
Bronchitis Inflammation of the mucus membrane of the bronchial tubes ('itis' on the back of a word means "inflammation of").
Bursitis Inflammation of the versa- pad between joints
Calibration Determination of accuracy of an instrument by comparing it to a known standard
Capillary Minute or small blood vessel- connects the smallest arteries with the smallest veins.
Cardiac Catherization Procedure- passage of a tiny tube into the heart through a blood vessel (to check for blockage)
Cardiologist Physician specializing in the treatment of heart disease
Centrifuge Devise that spins test tubes at hight speeds
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