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animal's behavior


Innate Behaviors Behavior that an organism is born with and soes not have to learn it 2 types.... Reflex and Instinct
Reflex simple antomatic, does not involve the brain (blinking or sneezing) jerk away hand when you touch a hot object
Learned Behavior Behavior that devolope durring an animal's life as a rouals of experience or pratice 4 types..... Imprinting, Trial and Error, conditioning, Insight
Instinct Comples. Does involve the Brain. A spider spins a web. newly hatched sea turtles head to the sea.
Imprinting A social attachment formed soon after birth. Young gosslings follow moving objects. Infants reconize mother's face
Trial and Error behavior modifies by experience. Maze Learning. Learning to ride a bike motivation is necessary
Insight Reasoning that enables animals to solve probless using past experiences. Mu8ch of Human learning. Chimps uses boxes to reach bananas
Conditioning A responce preciously associated with one stimulus becomes associated with another stimulus. Dog salivates to a bell.
So what is important to understand about this????? learned behavior comes from expirence and pratice!!!!!
Created by: gracelynn28