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Sociology - E1 - P3

Sociology - Exam 1 - Part 3 - Misc

The degree to which people are tied to their social groups is referred to by Emile Durkheim as Social integration
The theoretical approach in sociology that views society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability is the Structural functional
Interaction in Mr. Smith's first grade classroom is an example of micro level focus
the beliefs, values, behaviors, and material objects that together constitute a peoples way of life culture
The theoretical approach that highlights the link between culture and social inequality is the social conflict
A person who criticizes the Amish farmer as backward for tilling his fields using horses and plow instead of tractor is exhibiting ethnocentrism
Chitlings are part of what animal? pig
The Japanese term Yonsei means a fourth generation Japanese American
Chinese new year is celebrated in which month February
Mexican independence day is celebrated on what date September 16th
What is the purpose of a CIB to verify native american ancestry
A kiva is A sacred ceremonial structure
Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires Ethnography
gestures accompanying speech gesticulation
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