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Chapter 1-4 review

what is law ? a set of regulations governing the relationships among people and between people and there government, nothing more than a language.
what is a crime ? a public wrong
public wrong ? prosecuted by the state in its own name, punished by fine, imprisonment, or death
civil wrong ? action instituted by the wronged individual, normally ordered to pay damages to the injured party.
criminal law is ? an offspring of personal vendetta
hammurabi ? eye for an eye
common law ? was developed by the common people and was imposed on the rulers of the country
civil law ? was developed by the rulers and imposed on the people
how many states have adopted substantive criminal law codes and at least implicitly have abolished common law offenses ? 28
morality ? morally wrong
felony ? a crime for which one would forfeit all property in addiction to punishment. jail time more than a year
misdemeanor ? minor nature , the penalty for which is less than a year.
public wrong ? affects people of the entire state
mala prohibita ? bad only because it is prohibited
constitution ? grant of power
concurrent jurisdiction ? two states have jurisdiction
jurisdiction ? authority of a court to hear and decide case
law ? guideline for all members of society
original jurisdiction ? authority of a court to try a case that has never been tried before
personal jurisdiction ? authority of a court to hear and decide a case by having the person charged present or capable of bring present
territorial jurisdiction ? authority of a court to hear and decide a saw within geographical area
venue ? geographical place where the crime was committed and where the trial will normally be held.
status as an act ? a condition or state of being
methods used to commit the act perp acts by his own hand, inanimate agency, innocent human agency, non human agency
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