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Epithelial Tissue


Histology The study of tissues
Histogenesis process of the primary germ layers (endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm) differentiation into different kinds of tissues.
Tissue group of similar cells that perform a common function; all tissues are surrounded by or embedded in non-living material referred to as the MATRIX
What are the for basic tissue types? 1. Epithelial 2. Connective 3. Muscle 4. Nerve
What are the two types of epithelial tissue? membranous epithelium (as in serous membranes) and glandular epithelium
Where is membranous epithelium found? in sheets that cover body structures (ex. the outer layer of skin, the heart)and line body spaces (ex. the lining of cavities, vessels, respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts)
Because the membranous epithelium cells form a continuous sheet they...? are held together very tightly and have very little matrix
What is Matrix? material that cells are embedded in, non-living
What is the non-free face of the epithelial sheet attached to? an underlying connective tissue attached by the basement membrane
What is the basement membrane? a thin, glue-like layer that holds the epithelium in place while remaining highly permeable to water and other substances
why is it important that the basement membrane is permeable? Because epithelium do not have their own blood supply so oxygen and substances must diffuse through the basement membrane
Epithelial is avascular. What is avascular? without vessels (no blood supply)
How is membranous epithelium classified? by their arrangement (layers) of cells (simple, stratified, or pseudostratified) and thier cell shape (squamous, cuboidal or columnar)
What does simple squamous epithelium smear consist of? only one layer of flat, scale-like cells
Endothelium is the name of the simple squamous epithelium found where? in the lining of the lymph and blood vessels
Mesothelium is the name for the simple squamous epithelium found where? on the surfaces of the pleura, pericardium and peritoneum
what is frog ciliated epithelium? a type of pseudostratified columnar epithelia
What does pseudostratified mean? "false stratified"- looks as if it is stratified, meaning having multiple layers, but is really only one layer deep
Where is frog ciliated epithelium found? lining the air passage of the respiratory system and certain segments of the male reproductive tract
with is in the frog ciliated epithelium there are Goblet cells. where are they found and what do they do? (named due to its resemblance to a wine goblet) are found interspersed among the columnar cells; cup had no wine but rather mucus, which goblet cells secrete in mass quantities
Cilia are found on the edge frog ciliated epithelium to do what? to propel mucus by ciliary action
What type of cell is the human scalp? stratified squamous (keratinized) epithelium
The human scalp cells is characterized by...? multiple layers or strata of cells with flattened squamous cells
The most superficial layer of the human scalp is called what ans is what? its called stratum corneum and it is highly keratinized and is separating from the rest of the epidermis (outer layer of cell)
what does keratin mean? a water-proofing protein
What is the dermis? The thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis that forms the true skin.
What is the epidermis? The outer layer of cells covering an organism, in particular. The surface epithelium of the skin of an animal, overlying the dermis.
What color is the epidermis stained? pink/red
What color is the dermis stained? blue/purple
what is the hair papeillae? the bottom portion of hair, where hair grows, the hair root (portion of skin) and the hair shaft (portion of hair exposed outside of the skin)
What type of cell is the urinary bladder? transitional epithelium
What is transitional tissue adapted to do? stretching
Where is transitional tissue found? in areas subject to great deals of elastic stress, like the urinary bladder
What is Rugae, found on transitional tissue? are folds in the tissue when relaxed and not stretched
What is glandular epithelium? it forms the functional portions of exocrine glands (glands that secrete into ducts ex. sweat glands) as well as endocrine glands( glands that secret substances that diffuse directly into the bloodstream a.k.a ductless glands)
What type of gland is the thyroid gland? an endocrine gland
Where is the thyroid gland located and what is its shape? in the neck and is bow-tie shaped
What is the thyroid composed of? spherical sacs called follicles
What is the follicle filled with? a colloid rich in iodine and protein
What are the cells that reach the lumen, or opening, of the follicles called? follicular cells
What are follicular cells composed of? a simple cuboidal epithelium
What do follicular cells produce? the hormones thyroxin and triidothyronine which regulate the metabolism and affect the growth of the body
The cells that are not part of the follicle are called what and secret what? parafollicular cells and they secret the hormone calcitonin
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