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* Class expression

* class expression

Can I go to the bathroom? 我能去厕所吗?
Can I go to the locker? 我能去锁柜吗?
Can I have a drink of water? 我能去喝水吗?
Can I go to the nurse office? 我能去护士办公室吗?
please follow me to speak. 请跟我说。
Please follow me to write. 请跟我写。
louder. 高一点。
one more time. 再来一次。
It is glad to meet you. 认识你很高兴。
I am fine too. 我也很好。
I am sorry. 对不起。
thanks. 谢谢。
It is fine. 没关系。
You are welcome. 不用谢。(不客气)
hello, class. 同学们好。
good bye, teacher. 老师再见。
Good afternoon. 下午好。
Good morning. 早上好。
Good morning (respectfully). 您早。
What is your name? 你叫什么名字?
Where is your home? 你家在哪儿?
what is your nationality? 你是哪国人?
I am American. 我是美国人。
I an Chinese. 我是中国人。
I am British. 我是英国人。
My home is in New Jersey. 我家在新泽西。
My home is in Madison. 我家在麦迪逊。
My home is in Shanghai. 我家在上海。
Created by: suny
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