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Unit 1 Review ?'s


What is technology? The practical application of science to commerce or industry. Generally takes the form of an artifact.
What is the role of an engineer? A person who designs products, structures, or systems to improve peoples lives.
What is one of the seven keys of engineering? People,Energy,Capital,Information,Tools,Machines(either of these) Materials Time
What was the main technological advance/discovery of the Stone Age? The control of fire.
The steam engine was a technology that was invented in which age? The Industrial Revolution.
What are two of the categories of technical effects? Expected and Desired,Expected and Undesired, Unexpected but Desired,Unexpected and Undesired(either of these)
What age are we in currently? 21st century; the modern era.
How does technology impact the world? It makes some problems,or the way that life works,a bit easier, because technology is to benifit a person's wants or needs.
What are some engineering requirements? Will identify skin lesions with a 90% accuracy;Should be able to measure within 1mm
What are the differences between wants and needs? Needs are finite, wants are infinite.
In what age was the domestication of plants and animals initiated? The Stone Age
What is smelting? To fuse or melt (ore) in order to separate the metal contained; to obtain or refine (metal) in this way.
What is the difference between engineering and science? On a more philosophical level, scientists tend to explore the natural world and discover new knowledge about the universe and how it works. Engineers apply that knowledge to solve practical problems.
What are some of the constraints that you heard in the power point? Economic, Environmental, Ethical and Legal, Health and Safety, Manufacturability, Political and Social – FDA, language?, Sustainability(either of these)
Do all Ethics standards have to be met?Why or why not? Yes;because if not, then the designer/engineer could be breaking a code violation, law of government, or there can be a possible failure in the design. Eg: Bridge failures
What defines the engineering design process? It is the process that an engineer follows in order to do his/her job.
What became the birthplace of civilization? The Fertile Crescent
What does technology involve? An artifact
Whati s the difference between an invention and an innovation? One is a new way of doing something like an improvement; while the other is something totally new that has not benn created before.
True or false: Does technological progress promote scientific advancement? True
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