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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1D

auctor auctoris author M.
homo hominis man M.
pars partis part F.
gratus, a, um X pleasing, grateful
novus, a, um X new
clamo, clamare clamavi, clamatus to shout, yell
conficio, conficere confeci, confectus to finish
contineo, continere continui, contentus to hold together, contain
cupio, cupire cupivi, cupitus to desire
dico, dicere dixi, dictus to say
lego, legere legi, lectus to read, choose, gather
maneo, manere mansi, mansurus to remain
nosco, noscere novi, notus to learn
scribo, scribere scripsi, scriptus to write
video, videre vidi, visus to see
autem X however
accido, accidere accidi, X to happen, befall
averto, avertere averti, aversus to turn away
cado, cadere cecidi, casurus to fall
conspicio, conspicere conspexi, conspectus to catch sight of
credo, credere credidi, creditus to believe, entrust
emo, emere emi, emptus to buy
explico, explicare explicavi, explicatus to unfold, explain
fallo, fallere fefelli, falsus to deceive
incolo, incolere incolui to live, inhabit
instruo, instruere instruxi, instructus to arrange, draw up
iudico, iudicare iudicavi, iudicatus to judge
iungo, iungere iunxi, iunctus to join
perficio, perficere perfeci, perfectus to complete
amicus amici friend M.
Created by: southmoore