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vocab 1c fulton


Imagery A set of mental octures to repersent objects,actions, or ideas-
Inference conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
symbolism A person,place or object which which has a meaning in itself but suggest other meanings as well
Allusion a brief refernce to a person,event,or place,real or fictious happend in the literary work that that we did not expect
Dialogue conversation between two or more people
compare to examine(two or more objects,ideas,people,etc) in order to note similarities and differences
contrast the difference between things
mood The climate or feeling in literary work
Tone the author's attitude,stated or implied,toward a subject
foreshadowing early clues that hint about what will happen later in literally work
Irony Something that happens in the litterary work that we did not expect
Allitteration repetiton of the intial consonant sounds
Personification comparing human charestics to nonliving things/giving the qualities of a person to an animal,an object, or an idea
Onomatopoeia works that immitate sounds
Idiom sayingss that have hidden meanings;the expressions don't exactly mean what you say;sarcasm
Similie A figure of speech that uses the word "like" or "as"
Metaphor A figure of speech comparing to things w/o using the words "like" or "as"
Predict to make an assumption of the outcome;say or estimate something will happen in the future
Theme Central idea of a story
author's purpose reasoning of the author writing a story
main idea what the story is "manly"about
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