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Chp. 22 Sententiae

panem et circenses bread and circuses
una salus victis nullam sperare salutem the one salvation for the vanquished is to hope for no salvation
alis volat proprius s/he flies on her (his) own wings
verba volant, scripta manent (spoken) words fly (away), written (words) remain
Deo favente (with) God's favor
fortuna favet fortibus fortune favors the brave
favete linguis favor with your tongues
artes perditae lost arts
diem perdidi I have lost a day
tempori parendum time must be obeyed
casus belli the occasion for war
in hoc signo vinces in this sign you shall conquer
ecce signum behold the sign!
a maximis ad minima from the greatest to the least
qualis pater talis filius like father, like son
e pluribus unum one out of many
Quo vadis? Whither goest thou?
Created by: Leprechauns79