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World Rivers

The longest river in the world is _______. Nile
The Nile River helps people by _______. providing drinking water, irrigation, and transportation
The Yellow River is good for farmers in China because _______. its water carries yellow-colored silt, which forms fertile land
The Yangtze River is in _______. China
Dams can help people who live along a river by _______. keeping areas from flooding
The Yangtze, Indus, and Ganges rivers are on the continent of ________. Asia
The _______ river is sacred to the followers of the Hindu religion. Ganges
The place where a river empties into a large body of water is _________. the mouth
The part of the river system that is closest to the mouth of the river is the _______. delta
The Murray River is in _______. Australia
A river pilot may need to watch out for _______. ice chunks, waterfalls, and fallen logs
A smaller river that flows into a larger river is a _______. tributary
The _______ River is located on the continent of Asia. Ob
An area with small streams that flow into a river is a __________. drainage basin
A river in South America is the _______. Orinoco
When waterfalls caused a problem for ships in the Congo River, people _______. built a railroad to go around the waterfall
A landlocked country does not have _______. an ocean coast
Two rivers in Europe are ________. Rhine and Danube
The people who live near the Volga River built canals that connect the river to the sea in order to _______. help them trade goods with other countries
A river on the continent of Africa is the _______. NigerRiver
Created by: gerstell3