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Root Words-Nursing


Leuk/o Leukemia white
Lip/o Liposuction fat, lipid
Lith/o Lithotripsy stone, calculus
Lymph/o Lymphedema lymph
mamm/o mammogram breast
mast/o mastitis breast
melan/o melanin black, dark
men/o menopause menstruation, menses
my/o myoma muscle
myel/o myelitis spinal cord, bone marrow
nephr/o nephrosis kidney
neur/o Neurology nerve
oculo/o oculomotor eye
onc/o oncologist tumor
thorac/o Thoracotomy chest, thorax
ten/o, tendin/o tendonitis tendon
splen/o splenectomy spleen
sarc/o sarcoma flesh, connective tissue
rhin/o rhinoplasty nose
ren/o renogram pertaining to the kidney
pulm/o Pulmonary artery lung
proct/o Proctologist rectum, anus
pneum/o Pneumonia lung, air, gas
phleb/o Phlebotomy vein
pharyng/o pharyngitis pharynx
ot/o otoscope ear
orth/o, oste/o Orthopedic surgeon, osteoporsis bone, straight
oophor/o, ovari/o oophorectomy, ovarian cyst ovary
vagin/o vaginitis vagina
ven/o venogram vein
tympan/o tympanogram eardrum, middle ear
laryng/o laryngitis larynx
immun/o immunization immune, protected, safe
ili/o iliac crest hip bone, ilium
ile/o ileostomy ileum, distal portion of small intestine
hyster/o hysterectomy uterus, womb
hist/o Histologist tissue
hepat/o hepatitis liver
hem/o, hemat/o hematuria blood
gynec/o Gynecoloist woman, female
gastro/o gastritis stomach
fasci/o fasitis fascia
esophag/o esophagitis esophagus
eryth/o erthrocyte red
episi/o episiotomy vulva
enter/o enteritis intestine
encephal/o encephalitis brain
derm/a, derm/o dermatitis skin
cyst/o cystoscopy bladder, sac of fluid
cyan/o cyanosis blue
colp/o colposcopy vagina
col/o colonoscopy colon
chrom/o hypochromic color
chondr/o chondromalacia cartilage
chol/e cholecystectomy bile, gall
cardi/o cardiogram heart
carcin/o carcinoma cancerous
ather/o atherosclerosis plaque, fatty substance
arthr/o arthritis joint
arteri/o arteriosclerosis artery
angi/o angiogram blood, lymph vessels
aden/o adenoma gland
Created by: sacotton
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