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Safety Test

Worksheets for Safety Test

Always obtain your teacher's permission to begin a lab True
Study the procedure. If you have questions ask the teacher
Use the safety equipmnet provided for you Goggles and a lab apron should be worn.
Never eat or drink in the lab. Never inhale chemicals Do not taste any substances.
If you spill a chemical, immediately wash chemicals off with water. Let your teacher know immediately.
Know the location and proper use of the fire exteinguisher, safety shower, fire blanket, first aid kit, and fire alarm. True
Keep all materials away from open flames.
Tie back long hair and do not wear loose clothing.
If a fire breaks out in the lab, or if you catch fire, smother it witht he fire blanket or safety shower. NEVER RUN.
Report all accidents or injury, no matter how small to the teacher.
Use a pipette bulb. Never pipette solutions by mouth.
Always wear closed toed shoes. Sandal and flip flops are not allowed!
NO horse play or loud talking in lab True
Always pour acid into water, always!
Turn off the water and gas
Disconnect all electrical devices
Return materials to their places
Dispose of chemicals and other materials as directed by the teacher.
Clean your work area
Wash your hands thoroughly after working in the laboratory
Burns Apply cold water. Call your teacher immediately.
Cuts and Bruises Stop any bleeding by applying direct pressure. Cover cuts with a clean dressing. Apply cold compresses to bruises. Call your teacher immediately.
Fainting Leave the person lying down. Loosen any tight clothing and keep crowds away. Call your teacher.
Foreign Matter in the eye Flush with plenty of water. use an eyewash bottle or fountain for 15 minutes.
Poisoning Note the suspected poisoning agent and call your teacher immediately.
Any spills on the skin Flush with large amounts of water or use safety shower. Call your teacher immediately.
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
Chemicals are rated on potential hazardability using diamond shaped system
Diamond shaped system has two parts that are always standard: A color code and a numerical Hazard Rating
Red Flammability
Yellow Reactivity
Blue Health
White Special Hazard
Flamability Should not be used in direct sunlight
Reactivity Conditions may ignite under; degree of combustibility
Special Hazard Unusual concerns/precautions
NFPA National Fire Protection Agency
Created by: nmcintyre32