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Phase 2 Resp. Dist.

Respiratory Distress

If time , circumstances , and Pt. severity permit,apply ______ and record ______ strip before any medications. Capnography; Capnographic strip
___ ___ treat soley on waveform findings DO NOT
Combine ___-___ when HR is under 120bpm and no significant ventricular ectopy. Indication Wheezing Albuterol/Atrovent
Combine ___-___ when the HR is over 120 bpm and no significant ventricular ectopy . Indication Wheezing Xopenex/Atrovent
If Pt. presents with mild ventricular ectopy that is unresolved with aggressive oxygen therapy _____ is the preferred medication Xopenex; if ectopy is unresolved or worsenes discontinue updraft immediatly
Atrovent (500mcg) contraindicated in Pt.'s under 12 y/o
Xopenex (o.62mg) is contraindicated in Pt.'s under 6 y/o
Albuterol(2.5mg) is indicated for ___ ages All
If Pt. is unable to tollerate CPAP mask you should ____ it Remove
For Pt.'s with COPD or Asthma use the ___ PEEP valve 7.5cm
For Pt.'s in CHF / Pulmonary Edema no COPD or Hx of asthmause the ___ PEEPvalve 10cm
______ should be first line , while updraft medications are prepared if Pt. is UNSTABLE EPI 0.3mg SQ 1:1,000
Indications Acute SEVERE Asthma . Administered slow IVP over 5 minutes . Mag Sulfate ; Mix 1gm in 10ml NS slow IVP over 5 minutes
In pulmonary edema administer Nitro paste 1 inch = 14mg . Unless they have taken : Phosphodiesterase inhibitors i.e. viagra , cialis, etc..
Created by: patrickbilly91