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Phase 2 Narrow Tach

Narrow Complex Tachycardia

If rhythm does not convert with one or more doses of ______ reconfirm rhythm and consider alternate treatment Adenosine
________ should be the primary drug administered when a irregular rhythm is detected ( A-fib RVR over 150 ) Cardizem
________ should be administered when there is a recognized change in the rhythm ( to irregular ) with ________ administration or _____ attempts Cardizem ; Adenosine ; Vagal
If rate and/or rhythm does not change with Vagal attempts , Adenosine , or Delta waves are noted DO NOT USE ________ . This may indicate ___ ___ ____ i.e. ___ ___ ___ Cardizem; accessory pathway issues ; Wolfe Parkinsons White
SVT slows momentarily with the admin. of Adenosine then speeds up again _____ may be used as long as SBP is over ___ Cardizem ; 120mmHg
Synch Cardiovert Afib Levels ? 100J;200J;300J;360J
Synch Cardiovert SVT or A Flutter Levels ? 50J;100J;200J;300J;360J
If delays in synchronization occurand clinical condition is critical proceed immediatly to ______ Defibrillation
Cardizem is contraindicated when ___ is under ___ . Give over _ _____ SBP 120mmHg; 2 minutes
Differential Diagnosis (11) Heart disease (WPW),Sick Sinus Syndrome,Myocardial Infarction,Electrolyte Imbalance,Exertion Pain Stress, Fever,Hypoxia,Hypovolemia,Drug effect,Hyperthyroidism,Pulmonary Embolism
Created by: patrickbilly91