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History of D.O.

Who is the founder of osteopathy Andrew taylor still
How did Dr. Still learn to be a physician Accompanied his father on his rounds. studied anatomy textbooks. cadavers from native american burial grounds. hunting and trapping animals, skinned them, studied their anatomy.
Father of Clinical Medicine William Osler
Dr. Still in the civil war Kansas Militia. wounded. learned of manipulation there.
Civil War Diseases Typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, Tb, etc. Few treatments available. gave opium, whiskey, toxic doses of other stuff. if failed, gave leaches, cupping, blistering.
Still family tree three died of meningitis. AT still married twice. four daughters died. two sons lived. one daughter lived.
Franz Anton Mesmer Animal Magnetism
daniel david palmer magnetic healther. treated deaf janitor. harvey lillard.
May 10, 1892 Obtains charter for school. relocates to kirksville missouri. First D.O. school. American School of Osteopathy(ASO).
William Smith Selling surgical equipment in america. M.D. Graduate of university of edinburgh. Met Dr. Still. Taught anatomy at ASO. Received first diploma from ASO.
Class of 1893 Graduates first class. 22 students. 17 men, 5 women. Could have awarded an MD, but chose to have D.O. Diplomate of Osteopathy. After certificates, urged them to repeat course, not convinced they could practice osteopathy. only brainy members returned.
Littlejohns J. Martin Littlejohn, physiology professor in Iowa. went to kirksville to be treated, stayed on as faculty. brothers followed. wanted to broaden base of osteopathy with more emphasis on physiology.
Littlejohns despute resigned in 1900. wanted a Doctor of Medicine, Osteopathic. moved to chicago, chartered American School of osteopathic medicine and surgery. Eventually got a MD and a DO. All three returned to england, found British School of Osteopathy in London
AAAO American Association for Advancement of Osteopathy. Found in 1897. 1898- first research. 1901, changed to AOA. 1902 - Standards adopted for approval of osteopathic colleges. 1905 - 3 year course requirement.
AACOM American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
ECOP Educational Council of Osteopathic Principles. Component of AACOM.
AMA 1923- no member of AMA could ethically consult with DOs 1938 - forbade relationships between DOs and MDs.
Supporters of osteopathy Samuel Clemens(Mark Twain). testified on behalf of osteopaths in new york state legislature.
Death of A.T. still 12-12-17. More than 5000 DOs in practice
Flexner Report 1910- Based on johns hopkins model. too many unqualified physicians. rated medical schools as ABC, personal visits. only 31/157 schools remained open. some closed, core schools upgraded.
Schools of Osteopathic Medicine numbers dwindled from beginning of 20th century to the 1950s, from 20 to 6.
1950 establish rights of DOs to practice as complete physicians and surgeons in a county hospital.
California, 1962 Wanted to assimilate osteopathic physicians. $65 + seminars, gave 2500 unearned MD degrees to DOs in the state. OPSC was founded by AOA for DOs who wanted to retain DO degree. Resolved in 1974, CaliSupCt, ruled DO licensing must be resumed
1963 DOs accepted by civil service as medical officers. first DO appointed as a medical officer.
Dr. Quintus L. "Buddy" Drennan 1916 ASO graduate. placed in charge of corrective work at walter reed army hospital in DC. Since some DOs were rejected as doctors during WW1, achievement for profession.
Louisa Burns first in osteopathic profession to conduct long term research. director of AT still research institute. sympathetic innervation of visceral organs in relationship to osteopathic lesion.
UMDNJ founded 1976
First american collegiate curriculum in medicine Philadelphia, 1765.
Benjamin Rush signed declaration of independence. considered one of the fathers of american medicine. strongly advocated heroic medicine (bloodletting, vomitting, sweating, blistering, etc)
DD Palmer Magnetic Healer. Popped a janitors spine back in place, his hearing began to improve. began developing chiropracty.
1923 46 states had osteopathic practice laws and 27 provided for independent boards
Drop in osteopathy in 1965 was due to DOs being accepted as medical officers.
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