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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 4

PONO/POSITUM (Latin) lay, put, place
CUM (Latin) with, together
FIGO/FIXUM (Latin) fix, fasten, attach
JUNGO/JUNCTUM (Latin) join, unite, connect
DIGITUS (Latin) finger, toe, inch
CAPUT/CAPITIS (Latin) head
MANUS (Latin) hand
PES/PEDIS (Latin) foot
position established place
deposit lay away, put aside
repose lie back, pause, rest
component put together
cooperate work with
collect gather together
combat fight with
community group which builds together
fixture a thing fastened in place
crucifix picture, medal, or statue of Christ fastened on the cross
prefix letter or syllable added to the beginning of a word
suffix letter or syllable added to the end of a word
join connect, fasten together
joint place where two parts are connected
conjunction word joining two parts of a sentence
disjointed separated at the joints
digit finger, numerals from 0-9, unit of measure the width of a finger (3/4 of and inch)
digital computer a computer which uses numerals to mean whole numbers & decimal fractions
digitalis the "foxglove" plant from which heart medicine is made
prestidigitation a fast fingered or slight of hand performance of magic or of card tricks
caput "off with his head"
capital top of a column; head, chief or foundation money
captain head of a group of soldiers
cabbage vegetable "head"
manufacture make by hand
manifest to hit by hand; easily perceived
manicotti sleeve like pasta
manuscript writing, written by hand
pedestal foot of a column
pedestrian walker, on foot
pedal foot lever
pedicure care for the feet
Created by: LiseBrinkley