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Health: Relationship

byu online health final

What is best described by the exchange of information? communication
What is major advantage for NOT having a steady boyfriend or girlfriend? explore lots of relationships
Which of the following statements about friendships is Which of the following statements about friendships is not correct?correct? Activities are more fun with friends. Interacting with others builds self-esteem. Friendships give people the opportunity to know themselves better.
What are behaviors is involved in effective communication? "I" messages active listening making eye contact
What are reasons why friendships are important? They provide encouragement and understanding. They teach you about yourself. They provide a sense of belonging.
What is one of the most important methods of resolving family conflicts? using good communication skills
Which of the following is a behavior that helps people develop friendship? compromise
What is true about healthy friendships they make activities more fun they help you develop communication skills they help build your self-esteem
The behaviors and attitudes that are socially accepted as either masculine or feminine are known as which of the following? gender roles
Feeling the need to conform to the expectations of friends is known as which of the following? peer pressure
Which of the following is based on mutual trust, acceptance, and common interests or values? friendships
The phrases, "Tell me more about it" or "Then what happened?" are examples of which of the following? active listening
What is saying, "I'm upset because I had to go to the library alone"? I message
What is the ability to understand how a person may feel in a given situation called? empathy
Which form of communication is used by someone who acknowledges the feelings on both sides while defending their own ideas and needs? passive
Which of the following forms of communication tends to lead to escalated conflicts because the person is focusing on his or her own needs in a very forceful manner? aggressive
Created by: routlaw