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Health: Nutr and Fit

byu online health final

Which of the following is NOT a function of fat? quick source of energy
Which of the following nutrients provides the first source of energy for humans? carbos
Which of the following nutrients helps to build muscle, transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, forms hormones, and antibodies? proteins
What statement best describes the typical American diet? too much sugar
If a person is experiencing constipation, what carbohydrate should they increase in their diet? cellulose
Which statement best describes minerals and their function? Minerals are elements which help to build cells and repair body tissues.
When an oil is changed to a solid, trans fat, like in the production of some margarines, what is the process called? hydrogenation
Which carbohydrate is known as blood sugar and is needed by all body cells to produce energy? glycogen
How many calories are provided by a salad dressing containing 23 fat grams 207
What type of fat stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol which can lead to the depositing of cholesterol in the blood vessels? lipoprotein
Which medical condition is not related to one's nutrition? bronchitis
What current factor influences American health habits in a negative way? hurried life style
Suzie consumes 2,700 calories every day but requires only 2,300 calories to meet her energy needs. Over time, Suzie's calorie consumption may lead to what disorder? obesity
What form of fat is carried in the blood by lipoproteins? phospholipids??
Why must all essential amino acids be present in the body at the same time for growth and repair to take place? protiens cant be made without a.a.
What mineral is needed for healthy bones and teeth? calcium
Which vitamin found in citrus fruits and tomatoes is necessary for iron absorption, collagen formation, and increasing the function of the immune system? c
What is measured by the basal metabolic rate (BMR)? energy needs of body at rest
Which of the following is NOT a function of water? hormones
Restaurants typically add too much of which of the following nutrients to food resulting in higher calories? fat
A man's weight is considered obese and harmful to his health if it is greater than which of the following percentages? ?%
What government agency has provided the public with dietary guidelines to help promote health and prevent disease? Food and Drug Admin
A one-ounce slice of boiled ham has 5 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein. What is the total number of calories found in the ham? 65
Bulimia is a condition described by which of the following? binge/purge
What are the effects of exercise on the bones? It increases calcium deposits in the bones
What is the recommendation by the New Food Guide Pyramid for the amount of physical activity a teenager should get weekly? be physically active every day or most days for 60 minutes
What is your appetite? desire for food
If an athlete experiences low blood pressure, thirst, dry skin, and mental confusion, what nutrient may be lacking? water
Which of the following is a long-term benefit of aerobic exercise? decreased levels of stress
What effect does exercise have on a person? It decreases the amount of cholesterol/fat in the blood vessels.
Which of the following activities provides the greatest aerobic benefits? swimming
Sue Jane tries to do thirteen sit-ups and then cannot do any more. What component of Sue Jane's fitness needs to be improved? endurance
Robert tries to reach behind his back and finds out that he can't do it. What component of Robert's fitness needs to be improved flexability
What disorder is associated with self-imposed starvation and an obsession with thinness? anorexia nervosa
Brendan wants to improve the health of his heart. What type of exercise would you recommend to him? cardiovascular endurance
What Body Mass Index range is normal ??
Andrea has been feeling very tired and she looks pale. What mineral should she take to increase the number of red blood cells her body produces as well as her oxygen-carrying capacity? iron
Which of the following is NOT a sign or symptom of anorexia nervosa? sore throat/tooth decay
In America, what is the MOST significant factor which unconsciously encourages eating disorders? The emphasis on being thin and social acceptance
What type of body tissue burns the most calories, even when the person is sleeping? muscle
What seems to be a major cause of eating disorders? low self-esteem
Which disorder is characterized by a craving to eat non-foods due to a mineral deficiency? pica
Which disorder is related to OCD and causes a person to be overly concerned with a body defect? body dismorphic disorder
Which of the following is a complication of bulimia nervosa? tooth decay
Created by: routlaw