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Nursing History 153


Clara Barton- organized the AMERICAN RED CROSS which linked the international Red Cross so the Red cross could perform humanitarian efforts in time of peace
Florence Nightingale: Founder of modern nursing influential in developing nursing education, practice, and administration “Lady with the Lamp” Linked health with the presence of clean air, water sanitation, cleanliness, sunlight, warmth, quiet environ. and good nutrition.
Mary Breckenridge established Frontier Nursing Service provided health care to people of rural America. Started on of the midwifery training schools in U.S. “Family centered primary healthcare”
Adelaide Nutting - Founded the American Society of Superintendent of training schools for nurses of the U.S. with Lavinia Dock
Lavinia Dock- Protest movement for womens rights resulting in amendment that women can vote in 1920. She tried to get nurses to be able to control their own profession instead of physicians.
Mildred Montage 1st associate degree nursing program project coordinated based on her thesis Education of Nursing Technicians. In Queens College, New York. 1952
Lillian Wald- Founder public health nursing Wald and Mary Brewster 1st to offer trained nursing services to the poor in the New York slums. Founded Henry Street Settlement and Visiting Nursing Service.
Linda Richards Americas 1st trained nurse introduced nurses notes and doctors orders. Initiated nurses wearing uniforms. Psychiatric and Industrial nursing.
Esther Brown- “Brown” Study advocated movement of nursing education to collegiate setting. “a researcher”
Florence Nightingale: environment to ones health
Virginia Henderson: Nurse concerned with those who are ill and healthy
Dorthea Orem: promote patient to care for self
Hildegard Peplau- nurse/client relationship
Sister Calista Roy- nurse helps client adapt to environment and their circumstances
Madeline Leininger- Effects of a clients culture on their health and nursing care
Created by: ceriedell