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Getting Ready for Sc


What are Science inquiry tools used for? Handling,measuring and observing objects.
What are 4 tools that you can use to measure objects? Thermometer, tape measure, ruler, measuring cup, spring scale
What are 3 tools that are NOT used to measure matter? Magnifying box, hand lens, forceps
When would you use a ruler and when would you use a tape measure? You would use a ruler for straight line measurements. You would use a tape measure for things that are not straight.
The lens got its name because it is shaped like a Lentil.
What did van Leeuwenhoek see with his microscope? Tiny creatures in pond water.
Who was the first person to use the word cell to refer to the units found in living things? Robert Hooke
As you look through a microscope, what path does the light take before it reaches your eye? It passes through the object that you are looking at.
The main parts of a microscope are: Eyepiece, base, stage, nosepiece,adjustment knob.
On which scale is a degree larger? Celsius
Why isn’t water used as the liquid in a thermometer? Because it would change state if it became too hot or too cold.
How does a thermometer work? The liquid in a thermometer takes up more space in hotter temperatures. At lower temerpatures, the liquid takes up less space and the liquid level falls.
In what units is mass measured? kilograms or grams
What measuring tool is used to measure mass? a balance
What is an hypothesis? A statement that provides a testable possible answer to a scientific question.
Inquiry is An organized way to gather information and ask questions.
Created by: s42mahoney