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Drug List

Required Drugs

Drug NameCategorySub-CategoryTherapeutic ActionSide EffectsContraindicationsNursing Implications
Lidocaine Antidysrhythmics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Amiodarone Antidysrhythmics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Atropine Antidysrhythmics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Adenosine Antidysrhythmics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Verapamil Calcium Channel Blockers (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Nifedipine (Procardia) Calcium Channel Blockers systemic long-acting Angina, HTN, arrhythmias headache (blank)
Diltiazem (Cardizem) Calcium Channel Blockers (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Heparin Anticoagulant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Coumadin Anticoagulant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Lovenox Anticoagulant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Protamine Anticoagulant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Vitamin K Anticoagulant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Nitroglycerine Vasodilator Organic Nitrate. Use: angina, HF systemic venodilation, relatation vascular smooth muscle hypotension (blank)
Dopamine Vasodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Dobutamine Vasodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Digoxin Cardiac Glycoside (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Gentamicin Antimicrobial Broad spectrum. Use for gram negative - Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, Enterobacter, Escherichia ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity Hypersensitivity Monitor C&S renal function
Penicillin G Antimicrobial Use for strep, staph, Clostridium Cidal: cell wall (blank) (blank)
Vancomycin Antimicrobial Use for Clostridium difficile in GI Cidal: cell wall (blank) (blank)
Cefazolin (Ancef) Antimicrobial First generation cephalosporin Mostly gram pos. Use UTI, -bone, joint infections, endocarditis, prophylaxis for open heart surgery Anaphylaxis Hypersensitivity Monitor I&O, hypersensitivity reactions, diarrhea
Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) Antimicrobial Third generation cephalosporin use for enterobacter, neisseria meningitidis pseudomembranous colitis Hypersensitivity Monitor for bleeding, fever with diarrhea
Amphotericin B Antimicrobial Fungistatic antibiotic use for systemi fungi: aspergillosis, coccidiodomycosis, cryptococcosis Anaphylaxis, cardiac arrest, nephrotoxicity Hypersensitivity Monitor local inflammation, CV and resp status
Bactrim Antimicrobial Sulfonamide use for UTIs - pneumocystis, shigellosis toxic epidermal necrolysis, allergic myocarditis Hypersensitivity Monitor allergic symptoms, I&O
Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) Antimicrobial Broad spectrum Use for gram pos & neg, not for strep burning, crusting eyes, nausea, headache Hypersensitivity C&S (culture & sensitivity), monitor urine pH
Codeine Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Oxycodone Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Morphine Sulfate Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Meperedine HCL Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Dilaudid Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Acetaminophen Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Aspirin Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Ibuprofen Narcotic/Non-narc Anal (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Furosemide Diuretic (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Hydrochlorthiazide Diuretic (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Bumetanide (Bumex) Diuretic Loop Diuretic Acts to inhibit reabsorption of sodium and chloride in kidney hypovolemia, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia elevated BUN, hepatic coma Monitor I&O, weight
Spironolactone Diuretic (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Regular Insulin (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Long-Acting Insulin (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Famotidine Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Cimetadine Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Metoclopramide Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Ranitidine Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Lactulose Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Compazine Gastrointestinal Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Dilantin Anticonvulsant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Neurontin Anticonvulsant (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Dexamethasone Steroid (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Methylprednisolone Steroid (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Lovastatin Antilipemics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Atorvastatin Antilipemics (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Triazolam (Halcion) Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Benzodiazepine Anti-anxiety, insomnia- short-term drowsiness, memory impairment Hypersensitivity Monitor tolerance, do not use with addiction-prone
Diazepam (Valium) Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Benzodiazepine anxiety disorders, acute alcohol withdrawal, status epilepticus drowsiness, hypotension, blurred vision Injectable: shock, coma Monitor adverse reactions, supervise ambulation
Lorazepam (Ativan) Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Benzodiazepine Anti-anxiety Drowsiness, sedation Coma, shock, acute alcohol intoxication Supervise ambulation
Geodon Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Atypical Anti-Psychotic Schizophrenia Sleepiness, nausea, NMS, Anticholinergic effects CV problems Monitor dizziness, tardive dyskinesia
Lithium Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Mood stabilzer Manic-depression Periph circulatory collapse, thyroid enlargement, hand remors CV or kidney disease; sodium depletion Monitor levels, toxicity, fine tremor hand or jaw. Weigh daily.
Elavil Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic TCA Anti-depressqnt, cluster migraine, intractable pain arrhythmias, anticholinergic side effects Recent MI, HX seizures Monitor drowsiness, dizziness. Get leukocyte counts
Prozac Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic SSRI Anti-depressant, OCD, panic disorder Anticholinergic, central serotonin syndrome Hypersensitivity Monitor serum sodium, loss of glycemic control, weight loss
Nardil Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic MAOI Anti-depressant, depressive phase manic-depress Hypertensive Crisis Tyramine-containing foods, epilepsy, alcoholism Evaluate BP before starting. Avoid tyramine foods, anti-histamines
Haldol Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Typical Anti-Psychotic Psychosis, Tourette's EPS, tardive dyskinesia, NMS Parkinson's, alcoholism, seizures Monitor EPS, avoid alcohol, use sunscreen
Depakote Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Mood Stabilizer Mania, partial seizures, migraines Sedation, prolonged bleeding time Bleeding disorder, liver dysfunction Red urine after first 24 hrs. Report bladder spasms
Risperdal Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Atypical Anti-psychotic Schizophrenia: negative symptoms (apathy, flat affect) Orthostatic hypotension, EPS, NMS Hypersentivity Monitor CV, sunscreen.
Ritalin Hypnotics/Sed/Psychotropic Psychostimulant Stimulant, paradoxical effect ADD Hepatotoxicity, insomnia, exfoliative dermatitis anxiety, Tourette's Monitor BP, pulse. Do not withdraw abruptly
Apresoline Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Methyldopa Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Enalapril Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Lisinopril Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Losartan Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Clonidine Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Nitroprusside Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Atenolol Antihypertensive (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Aminophylline Bronchodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Albuterol Bronchodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Alupent Bronchodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Ephinephrine Bronchodilator (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Procrit Hematologic Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Neuopogen Hematologic Agent (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
KCL, KDur Electrolytes/Related Agents (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Magnesium sulfate Electrolytes/Related Agents (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Kaexylate Electrolytes/Related Agents (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
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