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Landforms for Test

Study Stack of Different Landforms, with pictures and descriptions.

An opening in the Earth, usually raised, through which gases and lava escape from the Earth's interior. Volcano
A narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water. Strait
A spot of fertile land in a desert fed by water from wells or underground springs. Oasis
A body of land surrounded by water. Island
Flat land near the edges of rivers formed by mud and silt deposited by floods. Flood Plain
An area of land that is saturated by water. Swamp
A broad flat area of land higher than the surrounding land. Plateau
A dry area where few plants grow. Desert
A triangular area of land formed from deposits at the mouth of a river. Delta
Soft wet low-lying grassy land that seres as a transition between water and land. Marsh
A wide flat-topped mountain with steep sides; larger than a butte. Mesa
A narrow deep valley with steep sides. Canyon
The place where a river flows into a lake or ocean. River Mouth
A sheltered area of water, deep enough for docking ships. Harbor
A pointed piece of land extending into an ocean or lake. Cape
A large level area of land with grass and few or no trees. Prairie
The steep almost vertical edge of a hill, mountain, or plain. Cliff
Natural elevation of the Earth's surface with steep sides and greater height than a hill. Mountain
Low land between hills or mountains. Valley
A large ice mass that moves slowly down a mountain or over land. Glacier
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