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Biomolecule Quiz


Protein contains C, H, O and N
What do proteins do Build tissue and for enzymes for energy in extreme cases
What are the building blocks of proteins Amino Acids
Amino Acids make up Polypeptides
How many amino acids are there 20
How many amino acids are considered essential 9
Does your body make protein no
Sources of protein food or pills
Test for Protein Biuret's Reagent +Purple, -light blue
Nucleic acids contain C,H,O,N and P
What do nucleic acids do? Store information and protein synthesis
What are the building blocks of nucleic acids Nucleotides
What are components of nucleotides? G, C, A, T, U
What types of nucleotides are there? DNA, RNA
What do Carbohydrates contain? C, H, O
How many hydrogen molecules are in Carbohydrates? One H for each O
What do Carbohydrates do? Provide short term energy for the body
What are the building blocks of carbohydrates? Saccharides
A type of Carbohydrate Monosaccharides (glucose, etc)
type of test for carbohydrates Benedicts' Solution (+brown, -blue)
Type of test for carbohydrates Disaccharides (surcrose, etc)
Type of test for carbohydrates Polysaccharides (starch)
Name of test for carbohydrates Lugol's Solution or Iodine (+purple/black, - yellow)
Lipids contain C, H, O no particular ratio
Examples of Lipids Fats, oils, waxes
Lipids provide energy, storage, cell membranes, hormones and moisture retention
Building blocks of lipids are 3 fatty acids + glycerol
A type of lipid Saturated - ex. animal fat
Characteristic of saturated fat solid at room temperature and single covalent bonds
A type of lipid Unsaturated - ex. Plant fats
Characteritic of unsaturated fat liquid at room temp and at least 1 dbl bond
Test for Fat Sudan Solution (+Red and floats)
Created by: nmcintyre32