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8th Gr&Ltn Roots

!!DCIS Greek & Latin Roots

bio, vit life
psych(o) mind, spirit
geo, terr earth
astr(o), stell star
(o)logy study of science of
act to do, driven to do
cosm(o) universe
graph, gram, scrib, script to write
-ic like, related to
ion, tion, ism, y act of state of
poly many
auto self
vis, vid to see
tele from afar
petr rock
andr(o), anthrop male, mankind
patr, pater father
matr, mater mother
ped child
dem(o) people
a, an, in im, non, un not, without
ant, anti, contra, contro against, opposite
-crat, crac government rule
hyper, super, sur over, above
hypo, sub under, below
aqua, hydro water
naut, nav to sail
met, meter to measure
chrono, temp time
ible, able able to be
cephal, cap brain
derm(a) skin
bronch windpipe
athr joint
cardio heart
manu, mani hand
pod, ped foot
opt(o) eye, sight
corp body
hem blood
prim(o), proto first
mono, uni one
bi, di, tu, du two
tri three
tetra, quadr four
penta, quint five
oct eight
dec ten
hecto, cent hundred
kilo, mill thousand
bene, bon good
macro big
micro, mini small
mal bad
mega, magn great, large
fore, pre, pro before
post after
co, com, con, sym, syn with, together
port to carry
trans across
sect to cut, separate
jet, ject to throw
dict to speak
mob, mot, mov to move
re back again
miss, mitt to send
dis, diff not, reverse of, apart, away
flect,flex to bend
circum,peri around
struct to build
frac, frag, rupt to break
tract to pull
junct, join, jug to join, meet or link
meso, medi middle
de down
viv to live
cede, ceed, cess go, yield
cred believe
soci companion, friend
strain, strict, string bind, tie or draw tight
aer(o) air, atmosphere
cit, civ citizen
alter change
inter between, among
intra inward, within
endo within, inside, inner
ex out, away
retro back, behind
therm(o) heat
itis inflammation of
lev to lift, raise
mech machine
jur, jus, jud law, justice
vers, vert, rota, volv to turn
use, uti to use
pan all
ideo idea
homo same, identical
sol(i) alone
techn art, skill
flu to flow
tox poison
urb city
vac, void to be empty
gen birth, origin
form to shape
erra to wander
simil to resemble
mort to die
-arium place where
surg, surrect rise
grad, gress to step
plor to cry out
mania intense craving
dorm sleep
fort strong
hol(o) entire, whole
ortho straight, right
physi nature, growth
sequ, secu follow
zoo animal
equ horse
foli leaf
heli(o), sol sun
thesis set, place, put
turb commotion, agitation
pend hang, weigh
nom, nym name
plac please soothe, gentle
ten hold
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