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leo intro


Identify the major component of the criminal justice system law enforcement, court system, corrections
Identify the responsibility of law enforcement to enforce law and civil order
Identify the responsibility of the court system for the interpretation of laws
Identify the levels of the u.s court system supreme court of u.s, courts of appeal, u.s district courts
Identify the major components of the court system judge, prosecutor,defense attorney, cleark of courts, court admin, jury, bailiff, court reporter
Identify the organizational and command structure of a typical criminal justice agency to delineate between levels within a organization
Identify why chain of command within a criminal justice agency should be followed to help coordinate, reduce confusion and enhances efficiency of the organization
Identify how chain of command facilitates communication within the organization employees are grouped into units and units are also sub-units
identify an ethical decision making tool "critical thinking test" for officers in making decisions when faced with difficult ethical situations
Identify ethical behavior treat all with courtesy and fairness refusing any unethical requests and obey all laws and regulations
Identify the requirements for certification according to the florida statutes meet minimum requirements and standard, complete b.r.t.p pass state officer certification exam and become actively employed
Identify the relationship between sexual harassment and discirmination as stated in federal law sexual harassment is a form of discrimination
Identify ethical standards of conduct base on the law enforcement code of ethick provide specific principles by which the officer operates with respect to ethical values and expectations
Identify misuse of position of authority to corruptly use or attempt to use official position, property, or resource within trust to secure special privileges, benefit or exemption for them or others
Identify unethical behavior includes engaging in bribery, committing perjury and misusing authority
Identify the levels of the state court system Fl supreme, fl district courts of appeal, fl circuit courts, fl county courts
Identify appropriat responses to sexual harassment discuss with other person of the dislikes in a proper none judgmental way, if needed, further complaint with eeoc
Identify the role of the criminal justice standards and training commission established by the florida statutes to oversee certification, employment, training and conduct of f.l.e , correctinon and probation officers
Identify the penalties that may be imposed in the officer discipline process revocation of officers certification and can no longer work certified in fl
Identify the reasons the criminal justice standards and training commission may take action against an officers certification plead guily to any felony, misdemenner of perjury or false statment, fail to main tahin good moral character, any act in any jurisdiction other then fl that would constitute a felony misdemeanor or violation.
identify the purpose of organizational structure within a criminal justice agency have a structural and communicational relationship between each emplpyee and their chief executive officer
Identify the requirements for successful completion of and graduation from the basic recruit training program pass all exams be proficient in dui stops and high liability courses and participate in cjstc fitness program
Created by: cmbchristine