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leo intro

bribery to corruptly give, offer or promise any public servant or if a public servant request, soliots, accepts or agrees to any violation of public duty or its performance.
discrimination actions that a person deprives another person or group of rights
jurisdiction types of cases in which the court can make decisions
criminal justice the structure, functions and decision-making of agencies deal with management, control of crimes and offenders
court system system for interpretation of laws
sexual harassment unwelcome advances, requests, favors or other verbal, physical conduct of a sexual nature.
quid pro quo (something for something) boss demands sexual favors in return have better job security then if the needs weren't met.
parole the release of inmate from correctional institute prior to sentence conclusion under supervision
law enforcement system that enforces laws and civil orders
values principles, standers, or qualities consdered worthwhile or desirable.
hostile work environment office culture of lewd jokes or offensive habits that occur.
gratuity anything of value that benefits the giver more then the receiver
ethical principles rules of conduct that rise from principles in the form of do and dont
ethical behavior principle value based-decisions on a daily basis for personal or professional reasons
ethics standard of conduct on moral and virtues derived from principles of right and wrong
conflict of interest influence of offical actions that could conflict with their responsibilites
vertical communication information from chief executive officer down threw supervision levels to lowest levels of the organization. and vice versa
lateral communication travels across level of organization to employee on same level of chain of command
insubordination failure to follow orders from superiors in chain of command
chain of command order of authority within a organization providing linage of authority and responsibility that joins one level of organization to another.
delegation of authority granting of power by one person with authority to another person
probation sentence of a person with supervision of a probation officer for certain amount of time
community control (house arrest) form of supervision that is closely monitored and is more restrictive then probation or parole
personal values a persons conviction of rights and wrongs based on parts of there life style
certified (sworn) to have meet all minimum requirements and standards
corrections system that enforces punishment defined by court system.
professionalism demonstrates good character ma
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