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Apoligia module 2

study guide for module 2

Define counter-example, hypothesis, theory A counter example is an example that contradicts a scientific conclusion. A hypothesis is an educated guess that attempts to explain an observation or answer a question. A theory is a hypothesis that has been tested with a significant amount of theory.
define a scientific law A scientific law is a theory that has been tested by and is consistent with generations of data.
When someone tells you that science has proven something what should you say. BEET IT PUNK!!!! SCIENCE NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL PROVE ANYTHING !
If you dropped a feather and a penny of a rooftop which would hit the ground first. The penny will hit the ground first.
If you dropped a penny and a feather down a tube that had no air in it which would hit the ground first? The penny and feather will hit the bottom at exactly the same time.
What does it take to destroy a scientific law. It only takes one counter-example to destroy a scientific law.
if a hypothesis does not agree with the experiment which was designed to confirm it, what two choices do you have? You could adjust the hypothesis or abandon it.
IF a theory does not agree with the experiments which were designed to test it, what two choices do you have? You could adjust your theory or abandon it
Name the observations which lead to Lowell's hypothesis and the experiments that were used to confirm the hypothesis. Lowell’s observations was that there were scratches in the surface of mars and which he thought to be canals. He also observed green splotches which he thought was vegetation.
Why was the discovery of high-temperatures superconductors so startling? It was so startiling because a scientific law said that it was impossible.
What are the three limitations of science? The three limitations to science is that it can not be used to prove anything, second it is not 100% reliable, and third it must conform to the scientific method.
CAn science be used to study events that will never, happen again? yes
Can science science be used to study religious matters? yup
What were the observations i used in the last section of the module to form a hypothesis about the bible? The observations were that there were prophecies that came true.
WHat was my hypothesis? That the bible was the word of God.
What were the experiments i designed to confirm the hypothesis? The experiments were that we talked about it and looked a prophecies that confirmed the hypothesis.
Did i prove my hypothesis? No because science cannot prove anything.
WHat are the six steps of the scientific method? Make observations, form hypothesis, perform exp to confirm hypothesis, hypothesis is now a theory, many exp over several years, theory is now a law.
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