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Lake County Protocol


Comprehensive Stroke Centers St. Josephs, Shands, FHS, Tampa, Halifax
The START method is based on 3 observations , what are they ? Resp. Perfusion Mental Status
If ST depression is seen in V1-V3 what should be checked ? V7-V9
How is a Dopamine drip mixed ? 400mg in 250ml D5W
Atropine should be administered per the bradycardia protocol when the HR is under 50 bpm
What are the criteria for induced hypothermia? 18 or older , Intubated and remains comatose , no purposeful response to pain , non traumatic cardiac arrest
What is stand by pacing ? 60 bpm at 0mA
BVM should be used on all Pt.s with inadequate ventilations less than _____ and greater than _____ 10 30
What is the dose for lasix ? 1mg/kg Max 80mg
Where are the three hyperbaric chambers ? Central FL Regional ( Sanford) , FHS , Shands
If a bolus of Amiodarone is given does the Pt. require a maintenance drip ? NO
Delta waves are shortened P-R interval and are indicative of what accessory pathway issue ? WPW
What are the intial Synch cardioversion settings for A-fib ? A-Flutter/PSVT ? V-Tach ? A-fib 100J AFlutter/PSVT 50J VTach 100J
4 Unstable criteria Pain or discomfort of cardiac origin , Severe dyspnea , Altered mental status , Hypotension with signs of hypoperfusion
Which medication should be used to control shivering in the induced hypothermic Pt. .... Dose and Max dose Versed 2mg Max 10mg
What are signs and symptoms of Rhabdomyolysis ? Muscle Pain /Tenderness , Hypovolemia , Decreased urine output , Peaked T-waves
Cat bites might rapidly lead to infection caused by what bacteria ? Pasteurella Multicoda
What is the indicatio for the use of the Crush Syndrome Protocol ? Extremity or torso impingement injusy greater than one hour
What is the condition that might result from a crush injury with extended impingement ? Rhabdomyolysis
A fluid bolus of _____ should be given if significant blood loss is noted following birth . Repeat until SYS BP is ______ 250cc NS 100mmHg
What are the two protocols that say to use lactated ringers ? Burns and Heat related emergencies
What are the classifications of burns ? Source Degree Severity
When does shivering cease ? 32C 90F
Do / Do not apply ice packs to snake or marine bites/stings ?? DO NOT
What are Crotalines ? Pit Vipers , Rattlesnakes , Moccasins, Copper head
Besides the analgesics name the two other medications associated with the pain management protocol ? Narcan 2mg Max 8mg Zofran 4mg Max 4mg
What is Hyphema ? Blood in the anterior chamber of the eye
What is the Max dose of Benedryl in the allergic reaction protocol ? 25mg
How should EPI be given in the unstable adult allergic reaction protocol ? SQ 0.3mg 1:1,000 IV 0.3mg 1:10,000
For hypertensive crisis not related to CVA what is the end point blood pressure goal ? 185/90
Tx for hypertensive crisis should begin when the BP is over _____ Tx should continue until _____ 230/120 and/or 185/90 and/or
What is the dose of Dilaudid in the adult abdominal pain protocol ? 0.5mg
What type of seizures start out as focal and become generalised ? Jacksonian
What is the first line medication for an adult pt. having a grand mal seizure ? Valium 5mg Max 20mg
If seizures are refractoryto the first line medication what is the second choice medication ? Versed 2mg Max10mg
5 Non MI ST elevations Pacemaker Left Vent Hypertrophy Pericarditisis LBBB Early Repolarization
11 Signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax JVD, Anxiety, Diminshed breath sounds, Dypsnea with cyanosis, Rapid shallow breathing, Hypotension, Cool Clammy skin, Decreased LOC, loss of consciousness, Visible deterioration, Tracheal deviation
CRAMPS NH Cardiogenic, Respiratory, Anaphylactic, Metabolic, Psychogenic, Septic, Neurogenic, Hypoglycemic
Created by: patrickbilly91