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68wm6 p2 A.R.D.

Acute Respiratory Disorders

Lung cancer counts for what percentage of cancer related deaths? 28%
80-90% of lung cancer are related to what? Smoking?
What are the four types of lung cancer? *Small cell *Non-small cell *Squamous cell carcinoma *Large cell
How many PTs with lung cancer are found inoperable? 1/3rd
How many PTs found inop during exploratory thoracotomy? 1/3rd
How many PTs with lung cancer who had surgical Tx experienced tumor spread? 1/3rd
Surgical removal of an entire lung. Pneumonectomy
Surgical removal of a portion of a lung. Lobectomy
What percentage of lung cancer PTs live 5yrs or longer? 10% - 15%
What is the survival rate for cancer PTs identified in local stage? 40%
What is an accumulation of serous fluid in interstitial lung tissue and alveoli? Pilmonary edema
What does pulmonary edema result from? *Severe left ventricular failure *Inhalation of irritating gases *Rapid administration of I.V. fluids *Barbiturate and opiate overdose
What is the mortality rate of untreated pulminary embolisms? 30% mortality
What is the mortality rate of an early diagnosed pulminary embolism with treatment? 5% mortality
What is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)? non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema Secondary to an acute disease process, a syndrome of pulmonary shunting , hypoxemia, reduced lung compliance and parenchymal lung damage (functional part of lung)
List 4 causes of ARDS *Pneumonia *Chest trauma *Aspiration *Inhalation injury *Near drowning *Fat emboli *Sepsis *Shock *Overdoses, renal failure, pancreatitis
What is the most common cause of ARDS? Sepsis
When does ARDS manifest post-surgery? 12-24 hours
When does respiratory distress with altered breath sounds occur with the onset of ARDS? 5-10 days
How do mucolytics break up secretions? Decreases viscosity of secretions by breaking disulfide links of mucoproteins.
What are the contraindications of mucolytics? *Increased intracranial pressure *Status asthmaticus *Hyperthyroidism *Addisons disease *COPD *Asthma
What should not be used with mucolytics? Do not use with iron, copper, rubber, or mix with antibiotics
Mucolytics increase the effects of what? Nitrates
How should mucolytics be given PO? Mix with soft drinks to disguise taste
When should PO mucolytics be given in regards to meals? 30min to 1hr before meals for better absorption and reduce nausia.
When does the acetominophen antedotal effect of mucomyst take effect? w/in 24hrs
How should mucolytics be stored? In the fridge for up to 96hrs after opening.
A patient states that his mucomist fluid is discolored. What should you do? Inform the PT that Discoloration of solution after opening is not unusual, and it does not affect effectiveness of medication
What should be done after the PT vomits after taking mucomist? Report it for the dose may need to be repeated.
Created by: Shanejqb