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Georgia Habitats 3

Habitat A place where plants and animals live
Environment The type of conditions a plant, animal, or human lives in.
Organism A single type of living thing.
Nonliving Something that has NEVER been alive. Ex. soil, rocks, water
Mountains An area of very high, rocky land with forests, streams and waterfalls
Piedmont An area of land with rolling hills and some mountains. It means "foot of the mountain"
Coastal Plain flat land area where a lot of farming is done
Coast Land that borders the ocean
Marsh/Swamp An area of wet, low land with a large amount of grass and no trees
Atlantic Ocean A large body of salt water located off the coast of Georgia.
Endangered Species A living organism that is threatened with extinction. Ex. logger head sea turtle
Adaptation A special characteristic that helps an animal survive. Ex. chameleon-changes colors to blend into its environment
External Feature The visible feature of a plant or animal that helps the animal survive in its habitat (something on the outside like a beak
Thrive when an organism grows very well or is healthy. or, to flourish
Migrate the movement of animals from one place to another
Perish when an organism dies
A bird feeds mostly on fish. The bird has long legs and a beak that helps it catch the fish. What habitat would this bird most likely live in? swamp
In what region of Georgia might you find rivers that form waterfalls? blue Ridge Mountains
Alligators are found in the swamps of Georgia. What might you conclude about the alligator? It likes to live in a habitat that has water.
In which of these habitats would you most likely find a fish? river c. mountain d. valley
In which region of Georgia would you most likely find a swamp? coastal Plain
What habitat would you not find in Georgia? d. desert
Which group of Georgia animals and plants would best live in a forest habitat? black bear, owl, oak tree
Which is the habitat of the loggerhead turtle in Georgia? Atlantic Ocean
Where is Brasstown Bald, which has the highest elevation, found? mountains
Which habitat has red clay for its soil? piedmont
A region that is hot, flat, and has many farms, is which region in Georgia? coastal plain
Which region is the most populated of Georgia? piedmont
The gopher tortoise uses its flippers to glide through the loose soil of which region? coastal plain
The birds in the ________________________ region have long necks and legs, and bills for spearing fish for food in shallow water. Which region is this? swamp
The right whale, horseshoe crab, jellyfish, and shrimp describe animals which live in which region? Atlantic Ocean
Created by: Bac0n
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