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River & Earth parts

river and earth landforms and elements

large natural stream of water that runs through land river
place where a river or stream begins usally in the highlands sorce
the sources of river waters headwaters
small river or streamm that flows into a lager river or stream tributary
flowing together of two or more rivers or streams confluence
winding path or course of a river meander
a bow shaped lake formed ina former channel of a river ox-bow lake
direction opposite the flow of a river upstream
direction in which a river or stream flows from its source to its mouth downstream
a lowland area such as a marsh or swamp that is saturated with moisture wetland
low plain next to ariver that is formed of river sediment and is subject to flooding floodplain
an area where a tide meets a river current estuary
alluvial deposit at ariver's mouth that looks like the greek letter delta delta
place where a stream or river flows into a larger body of water mouth
area of land drained by a river and its branches river basin
the region or area drained by a river watershed
stretch of highland that seperates direction of river systems divide
a large waterfall cataract
flood plain where flooding rivers deposit rich soil alluvial plain
what are the four spheres of the earth atmosphere,lithosphere,hydrosphere,biosphere
how much percent does the water cover on the earth 70%
What are the steps to the water cycle evaporation/evapotranspiration,condensation,precipitation,collection/infiltration/aquifer
what are the five oceans southern,indian,atlantic,pacific,artic
what is the process called when you turn saltwater into drinking water desalinazation
continental drift theory was proposed by who and what year alfred wegener,1912
200 million years ago the earth was a giant continent called pangea
what support did alfred use continents shape match,plants and animal fossils matched,rocks matched
how does lava get to the ocean floor sea floor spreading
what is earth's crust made up of series of large and small moving plates
what are the two different types of divergent boundaries oceanic crust,continental
what is the type of the convergent boundaries subduction
subduction types are continental and oceanic
what are the four exteranl forces of change weathering,erosion,deposition,soil building
Created by: bearfarias