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chapters 1-4 study guide

precipitation all the forms of water that fall to earth from the atmosphere
rotation the spinning motion of the earth, like a top on its axis, as it travels through space
deciduous a type of tree that sheds its leaves when winter approaches
savannahs a tropical grass land with scatterd trees, located in the warm lands nearest the equator
permafrost a layer of soil just below the earths surface that stays permanently frozen
equinoxes either of the two times each year when day and night are of nearly equal length
natural vegetation the typical plant life that abounds in areas where humans have not signaficantly altered the landscape
environment the physical conditions of the natural surroundings
revolution one complete orbit of the earth arround the sun
climate the term used for the weather patterns that an area or region typically experiences over along period of time
solstices either of the two times a year when the sun appears directly overgead at noon
coniferous cone bearing; a type of tree able to servive long
tundra a region where tempatures are always cool or cold and only specialized plants can grow
atmosphere a multlayered band of gasses, water vapop and dust above the earth
demography a study of human populations including tere size growth, density, distrobution and rates of births marriages and deaths
population density the average number of people living in 1 area
immigrant a person who moves into a country
emigrant a person who leaves a country to live somewhere else
authoritarian descriptive of a system of government in whech one person perhaps a dictator, holds all political power
communism a system of government in whech the government controls the mean of production
acculturation the process of accepting, borrowing and exchanging traits between cultures
diffusion the process of spreading cultural traits from one person or society to another
rural of or characteristic of, the countryside
urbanization the growth of city populations
mixed economy a system combining different degress of government regulation
federal relating to a union of state that recognize a single centeral government
confederation a system of government which individual political units keep soverign but give limited power to a centeral government
sovereignty a countries freedom and power to decide on policies and actions
dictatorship a system of government in which absolute power is held by 1 person
totalitarianism a system of government in which a centeral authority controls all aspects of society
monarchy a system of authoritarian headed by a monarch
democracy a system of goverment in which the people are invested with the power to choose there leaders
socialism a system in which a government owns, manages or controls the production
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