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69 Nouns

69 Nouns 2004.08.29

terra ground - 1st feminine
causa reason - 1st feminine
puella girl - 1st feminine
aqua water - 1st feminine
via road - 1st feminine
gratia grace - 1st feminine
littera letter (of the alphabet) - 1st feminine
hora hour - 1st feminine
filia daughter - 1st feminine
silva woods - 1st feminine
domus house - 2nd feminine
dominus master - 2nd masculine
animus breath/spirit - 2nd masculine
vir man - 2nd masculine
puer boy - 2nd masculine
filius son - 2nd masculine
oculus eye - 2nd masculine
equus horse - 2nd masculine
somnus sleep - 2nd masculine
servus servant - 2nd masculine
numerus number - 2nd masculine
caelum sky - 2nd nueter
aurum gold - 2nd nueter
signum sign - 2nd nueter
periculum danger - 2nd nueter
vinum vine - 2nd nueter
gaudium joy - 2nd nueter
sepulcrum tomb - 2nd nueter
auxilium helper - 2nd nueter
silentium silence - 2nd nueter
sominum dream - 2nd nueter
pars part - 3rd feminine
nox night - 3rd feminine
mors death - 3rd feminine
vox voice - 3rd feminine
urbs city - 3rd feminine
mater mother - 3rd feminine
ars art - 3rd feminine
uxor wife - 3rd feminine
lux light - 3rd feminine
mulier woman - 3rd feminine
homo man - 3rd masculine
pater father - 3rd masculine
miles soldier - 3rd masculine
frater brother - 3rd masculine
pes foot - 3rd masculine
labor work - 3rd masculine
mons mountain - 3rd masculine
Caesar Caesar - 3rd masculine
nemo on one - 3rd masculine
princeps emperor - 3rd masculine
tempus time - 3rd nueter
corpus body - 3rd nueter
murmur roar/rotation - 3rd nueter
onus burden - 3rd nueter
nomen name - 3rd nueter
caput head - 3rd nueter
iter journey - 3rd nueter
manus hand - 4th
metus fear - 4th
senatus Senate - 4th
arcus arc or bow (& arrow) - 4th
tumultus riot - 4th
aestus blast (of hot air) - 4th
sonitus sound - 4th
res thing - 5th
dies day - 5th
nihil nothing - nueter, nondeclining
satis, sat enough - nueter, nondeclining