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drugs 141-150


eszopiclone Lunesta/ Hyponotic drug/ Treats insomnia
bupropion XL Zyban XL/ anti-depressant/ treats depression or withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking
niacin Niaspan/ water soluble vitamin/ Lowers cholesterol or treats Polegra
guaifenesin+codeine phosphate Robitussin AC/ expectorant+ suppressant/ suppresses coughs due to colds.
losartin+HCTZ Hyzaar/ Angiotensin2 receptor blocker/ treats hypertension
buprenorphine+naloxone Suboxone/ opiate derivative+opiate antagonist/ treats opiate dependency
topiramate Topamax/ anti-convulsant/ treats partial onset seizures
tolterodine Detrol/ anti-cholinergic/ treats over active bladder
buspirone HCI BuSpar/ anti-anxiety drug/ treats anti-anxiety, pain associated with PMS
meclizine Antivert (rx)/ Bonine (OTC)/ anti-histamine,anti-nausea,anti-vertigo/ treats motion sickness or Vertigo
Created by: chino