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Stack #68425

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 12

accipiō, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus receive, accept; hear
recipiō, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus take back, regain, recover
sē recipere withdraw, take oneself
an (conj.) or (introducing the second part of a double question); whether (introducing a single indirect question)
aura, -ae, F. breeze, wind, air
comes, comitis, M. or F. companion
cōpia, -ae, F. abundance, supply; pl., troops
cūr (adv.) why, for what reason
dēligō, -ere, dēlēgī, dēlēctus select, choose, gather
exorior, -īrī, exortus sum rise, arise, appear, start
expōnō, -ere, -posuī, -positus set forth, expose, explain
horridus, -a, -um horrible, rough
hostīlis, -e of an enemy, hostile
ibi (adv.) there, then
īdem, eadem, idem same
immortālis, -e immortal, everlasting
ipse, -a, -um self, very
iste, ista, istud that (of yours), that (with pejorative sense)
iussum, -ī, N. command, order (the abl. sing. is 'iussū', 'by order')
maneō, -ēre, mānsī, mānsus OR remaneō, -ēre, -mānsī, -mānsus remain
misereor, -ērī, miseritus sum pity (+ gen.)
modus, -ī, M. way, manner, limit; kind
quō modō in what way, how
necne (conj.) or not (generally used as the second part of a double indirect question, representing 'an nōn' in the direct question)
nesciō, -īre, -īvī (-iī), -ītus not know, be ignorant
nōnne (adv.) (in a direct question, anticipates the answer "yes")
num (adv.) (in a direct question, anticipates the answer "no"); whether (in an indirect question)
occultē (adv.) secretly
ops, opis, F. power, strength; pl., resources, wealth
paucī, -ae, -a few
poscō, -ere, poposcī, -- beg, demand
quamdiū (adv.) how long
quandō (conj. and adv.) when; since
quārē (adv.) by what means, why; and therefore
quia (conj.) because
quīdam, quaedam, quiddam (pron.) a certain one, a certain thing
quīdam, quaedam, quoddam (adj.) certain
rogō (1) ask (for)
sors, sortis, -ium, F. lot, destiny
tamquam (adv.) as if, as, as it were
tandem (adv.) at last, at length
ubi (adv.) where, when
unde (adv.) from where
utinam (adv.) I wish!, would that!, if only!
utrum (conj.) whether whether...or nōn nōn nōn whether...or not (in direct double questions)
utrum...necne -ne...necne --...necne whether...or not (in indirect double questions)
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