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Vocab Hatchet

Frustration The discourgement and irritaiton that comes from not being able to achieve one's goal
Hatchet A small, short-handled ax, to be used with only one hand
Kindling small pieces of wood or other material used for statring fires
Quills A collection of sharp, hollow spines on the back of a porcupine
Shelter A place that provides protection from the weather
Slithering A sliding, slapping, movement- Noun Slipping and Sliding- Adjective
Survival The Preservation of one's life: The continuing of life
Terrified Extremely frightened
Rasping Having a rough, scratchy sound
Gingerly Carefully avoiding harm or danger
Exasperation The feeling of being extremely annoyed or irritated
Tendrils long, slender curling things
Cro- Magnon A member of a prehistoric race of humans who lived on the european continent, walked upright, and used stone and bone tools
Consuming Eating up; destroying, as by fire
Gratified Pleased
Created by: AARay18