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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1C

fuga fugae flight F.
pax pacis peace F.
egregius, a, um X excellent, distinguished
facilis, facile X easy
afficio, afficere affeci, affectus to affect, afflict with, move
ago, agere egi, actus to lead, drive, do
cogo, cogere coegi, coactus to drive together, force, compel
do, dare dedi, datus to give
facio, facere feci, factus to do, make
fugio, fugere fugi, fugiturus to flee
gero, gerere gessi, gestus to wear, wage
iubeo, iubere iussi, iussus to order, command
munio, munere munivi, munitus to fortify, found
occupo, occupare occupavi, occupatus to seize
venio, venire veni, veniturus to come, go
sentio, sentire sensi, sensus to feel, think, perceive
solvo, solvere solvi, solutus to loosen, break
si X if
aetas aetatis age F.
condicio condicionis condition, terms F.
gens gentis clan, race, people F.
ignis ignis fire M.
imperium imperii rule, empire N.
milia milium thousands
nemo X no one
opus operis work, labor N
oratio orationis speech F.
regio regionis region F.
sol solis sun M.
bene X well
facile X easily
aptus, a, um X suitable
centum X hundred
duo X two
civitas civitatis state F.
Created by: southmoore