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Stack #68339

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 11

arbitror, arbitrārī, arbitrātus sum think, believe, judge
audeō, -ēre, ausus sum dare
cēna, -ae, F. dinner
cōnor, cōnārī, cōnātus sum try, attempt
cōnsul, cōnsulis, M. consul
crēdō, -ere, crēdidī, crēditus be credulous, believe; be trusting, trust (+ dat.)
cupidus, -a, -um desirous, aeger, fond of (+ gen.)
dīvitiae, -ārum, F. pl. riches, wealth
dux, ducis, M. or F. leader, guide
experior, experīrī, expertus sum try, put to the test, experience
familia,-ae, F. household, family
fateor, fatērī, fassus sum confess
cōnfiteor, cōnfitērī, cōnfessus sum confess
flūmen, -inis, N. river, running water
forum, -ī, N. open space, market place, public square
gradior, gradī, gressus sum step, walk
aggredior, -ī, -gressus sum go to, approach
ēgredior, -ī, -gressus sum go out, go away
ingredior, -ī, -gressus sum go into, enter, advance, begin
prōgredior, -ī, -gressus sum go forth, advance, proceed
hortor, hortārī, hortātus sum urge, encourage (+ ut or nē and subjunctive)
imperātor, -ōris, M. commander, general
iuvenis, -is , M. or F. youth, young person
loquor, loquī, locūtus sum speak, talk
mālō, mālle, māluī, -- prefer, choose rather
minor, minārī, minātus sum jut forth, threaten
morior, morī, mortuus sum die
nāscor, nāscī, nātus sum be born, descend from
nāvis, -is, -ium, F. ship
neglegō, -ere, neglēxī, neglēctus disregard, neglect
nōlō, nōlle, nōluī, -- be unwilling, wish...not
ōrātor, -ōris, M. speaker
parēns, parentis, M. or F. parent
patior, patī, passus sum suffer, endure, allow
pauper, pauperis poor
praemium, -ī, N. reward
precor, precārī, precātus sum beg, request
proficīscor, proficīscī, profectus sum set forth, set out, start
scelus, sceleris, N. wicked deed, crime
sequor, sequī, secūtus sum follow
servō (1) save, preserve, rescue, keep
soleō, -ēre, solitus sum be accustomed, be customary
statua, -ae, F. statue
ut (conj. + indicative) as, when
ūtor, ūtī, ūsus sum use, enjoy, experience (+ abl.)
vereor, verērī, veritus sum reverence, fear, dread
volō, velle, voluī, -- wish, want, be willing
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