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Test 1

NUR 106

when can the fetal HR be auscuultated with a FETOSCOPE?? 18-20 WEEKS
The Heart Beat can be detected with an electronic doppler at what time? 10-12 weeks
The sound heard through an umbilical cord is called the ... souffle
true or false labor: pain that begins in the LOWER back and moves forward across lower abdomen TRUE labor
contractions intensity and DO NOT EASE UP despite the level of the clients activity TRUE
contractions become more frequent, regular and painful TRUE labor
to check for contractions, place hand on top of fundus of uterus. during the peak of the contraction, the contraction degree of firmness should be similar to your forehead TRUE labor
bloody show from vagina.. during true labor.. what is the color of the bloody show pinkish or blood-streaked
whats theblood volume or a pregger compared to a nonpregger? increased 40-50%
pregnancy levels of hematocrit and hemoglobin increase or decrease? decrease ... hgb 11.5 - 14 NONpregger: 12-16 hct: 32-42% NONpregger 36-48
WBC level compared to a pregger: increases: 5000-15000 non-pregger: 4000-10000
platelet count: increases: 150,000-350000 NONpregger: 140000-400000
what happens to the BP during each trimester? 1st trimester: decreases by 5-10mmhg rises at 22-24 weeks, and back to normal at term.
hcG is used to maintain the corpus luteum until the placenta is sufficiency t/f TRUE
what lowers the sensitivity of maternal cells to the action of insulin to improve the ability of the body to metabolize and use fatty acids for energy. hPL human placental lactogen
glucose levels decrease, hPL increases to allow what... the available glucose to be use for fetal dev and growth.
what to do when you have edema in ankles walk .. elevate feet.
signs of diabetic ketoacidosis.. elevated blood glucose level >200, polydipsia and polyuria, n/v, HA, malaise
what is the mask of pregnancy bloches in face "chloasma"
low AFP levels cause downs syndrome
high levels of AFP cause neutal tube defects.. spina bifida
Created by: Sarahmarie001