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GEOG 1101 Chp. 2

key terms

British Dominance
cartography practical and theoretical knowledge about making distinctive visual representations of Earth’s surface in the form of maps.
colonialism establishment & maintenance of political and legal domination by a state over a separate and alien society.
core regions regions that dominate trade, control the most advanced technologies, & have high levels of productivity within diversified economies.
division of labor specialization of different people, regions, or countries in particular kinds of economic activities.
environmental determinism doctrine holding that human activities are controlled by the environment.
ethnocentrism attitude that that one’s own race and culture are superior to others’.
hearth areas geographic settings where new practices have developed, & from which they have subsequently spread.
imperialism extension of power of a nation through direct or indirect control of the economic & political life of other territories.
map projections systematic rendering on a flat surface of the geographic coordinates of the features found on Earth’s surface.
masculinism assumption that the world is & should be, shaped mainly by men, for men.
minisystem a society with a single cultural base and a reciprocal social economy.
peripheral regions regions with undeveloped or narrowly specialized economies with low levels of productivity.
plantation large landholding that usually specializes in the production of one or more particular crop for market.
semiperipheral regions regions that are able to exploit peripheral regions but are themselves exploited & dominated by core regions.
transnational corporations companies with investments & activities that span international boundaries & with subsidiary companies, factories, offices, or facilities in several countries.
United States
world-empire minisystems that have been absorbed into a common political system while retaining their fundamental cultural differences.
world-systems an interdependent system of countries linked by economic & political competition.
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